No offer of help is too small!  At the moment we need people to help us fund raise. Can you think of a novel idea for an event? Sponsored cycle run, your own garden fete, tiddlywinks competition... the potential is limitless!


We also need people to pray for David's Table without which the project will not succeed.


We need people who can garden, build, clean, use their creative talents. Contact us on our contact page or telephone or email at the address at the bottom of this page


Awareness Raising

Are you an organisation, church or christian group who may get behind us? We'd like to hear from you!


Could we present to you our vision for David's Table?


Could we speak or attend an event run by you organisation?


Contact us below or on the contact page. We need your support! 


We need more trustees!
Give a

Every little helps!


If you are a tax-payer please consider gift aiding your donation.


Your contribution is appreciated!


Please find more information in the documents below.