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The founders of The David's Table Trust recognised the barriers Christian adults with special needs face in fellowshipping with other Christians, accessing opportunities to grow in their faith, serve and take part in purposeful activities.


Support work is limited, particularly at the weekends and often people are left feeling isolated and alone. We believe 'church' should be accessible to everyone.


The Dovetail Project aims to join together the body of Christ, through weekday, day-time sessions.


We hope that, through visits from fellow christians, local church leaders and the wider community, as well as nurturing friendships between each Dovetailer, we will enable people to grow in confidence of God's precious plan for each of us.


The project's initial sessions start in October, in Trowbridge.


For more information on our core aims, see below. 



a 2017 study by scope, identified

"45% of working age disabled people are chronically lonely, saying they always or often feel lonely"  


Scope 2017

  • j


    Jesus is at centre of all we do


    Our sessions aim to promote spiritual growth in our Dovetailers, through sharing the teachings of Jesus and biblical principles in a simple and creative way.

  • O


    Providing opportunities



    The project hopes to provide opportunities for not only the people who attend, but the wider community. 

  • N


    Building a network of people


    We aim to join the body of Christ together, to provide fellowship, friendship and community to combat loneliness, for all who are involved in the project. 

  • A


    Providing purposeful activities


    Activities which can enhance our Dovetailers' skill-set and give them a tangible reward for their hard work will increase their confidence and independence.

  • H


    Providing a homely environment


    We aim to provide a homely, safe and loving environment for our Dovetailers and everyone who visits or works with the project.





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Our churches and community are full of people with fascinating interests, gifts, and talents.


We have a vision to see members of the Churches in Trowbridge and the wider community coming along to our sessions and sharing those gifts and talents with our Dovetailers. 


We currently need 12 people to volunteer for about 20 minutes once every 3 months, in a rotation, or even just as a one-off would be great.


~ Do you have a gift in crafts, art or modelling?


~ Do you have a song or a piece of music you would love to teach or just share with our Dovetailers?


~ Do you have an interest? It could be anything from trains to aeroplanes, science to history, stamps to thimbles, gardening to nutrition, photography to drawing!


Are you a church leader or committed Christian? Could you spare 20 minutes one week to come and share something God has laid on your heart?


Session Activity Sharer - Enquiry Form


We are also recruiting:




to join our team to assist with our day-time, weekday sessions, in Trowbridge. 


Please get in touch if you feel you could help in anyway.



Key documentS

Equality Statement
Volunteer Policy
Awaiting file upload


We have no events at this time due to Covid-19. We will keep you informed of any upcoming events in the future.

Please watch this space


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