Registered Charity:


1153698  David's Table Trust

To provide  purposeful activities and christian fellowship for people with learning disabilities
Why are we called David's Table?

There is a story in the Bible about King 
David; he showed kindness to  Mephibosheth who was disabled and the only relative of Saul.

In 2 Samuel chapter 9 King David asked 
“Is there anyone from the house of 
Saul to whom I may show kindness?”

He came to live with David and David looked after him – he ate at his table.  David made a lifetime commitment to Mephibosheth.


This is what we want to do for our residents too! 

Hence the name – David’s Table Trust

We need help in lots of ways. Awareness raising events, fundraising, publicity, gardening, building work. Can you please help with:


  • Financial gifts

  • Prayer support

  • Practical help

  • Legacies or 

  • Fundraising events.

To provide purposeful activities  and Christian fellowship for people with learning disabilities


and secondly


To provide a Christian home for people with disabilities, including those with learning disabilities.

To provide purposeful activities and Christian fellowship for people with learning disabilities.


To engage the local community in the project.



news flash!

The Trustees of David's Table Trust have decided that regrettably all of the charity’s group activities and meetings should cease at this point
and until further notice.

Our project co-ordinator has  contacted all those directly affected by this decision and we are currently working on ways to keep in touch with everyone and to offer support and advice where this is possible.
Look out for our social media posts for any updates and if you have any questions please contact us by emailing:

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